The Cargo Mother

For Burning Man 2013 I was recruited to be tech lead for the Houston CORE (Council Of Regional Effigies) project.

Having previously produced an acclaimed 20ft desert sculpture of a bull, the team thought a giant cockroach would best represent Houston for the 2013 burn.

To add an interactive element we decided to have panels of buttons that would play creepy videos.

The videos were played onto salvaged televisions using Hackberry A-10 Arm development boards, which offered better performance and video output options than a Raspberry Pi. Arduinos were used to capture button presses on the panels, and a human readable line-based CSV protocol communicated button press states between the two boards.

The playa environment is extremely harsh on electronics so extra care was taken to ensure that dust wouldn't harm the installation.

  • Languages :

    C, Python

  • Tools :

    Vim, Arduino IDE