Rice Wavelet Toolbox

Rice Wavelet Toolbox is a MATLAB Digital Signal Processing toolbox that was written in the Electrical Engineering department at Rice University and released in 1993. Version 2 was released in 1994, and I performed a major overhaul which was officially released as version 3 in January of 2014. A wrapper for the R programming languages was released by another author later that year.

After writing thorough unit tests I was able to perform a dramatic clean up of the code while ensuring perfectly identical output to previous releases. My version also added Python and Octave bindings as well as 64-bit indexing and suitable developer documentation in a HACKING file as well as Doxygen documentation.


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Base Station
  • Languages :

    C, MATLAB, Octave, Python

  • Components :

    MATLAB xUnit

  • Tools :

    MATLAB, SWIG, Doxygen, Vim

Wavelet Toolbox includes no UI of its own for which I could provide screenshots. Instead you may find my HACKING file visually appealing.