Open Homes Photography

OHP does real estate photography in Northern California and they provide websites to all of their clients. They came to me with a few urgent concerns. At the time they were deploying new websites at a fantastic pace and experiencing issues with performance and security. When I started both their performance problems and their issues with hacked pages were mysterious to the primary developer and hosting partner.

I was able to quickly trace the performance issues to the NAS backed cloud hosting they were using. By reducing writes to this storage due to logging I was able to get things zipping along again.

Among my security enhancements the most significant was to update the framework their site was built on to the latest avaialable upstream code. This had proved too daunting to be tackled prior to my involvement because it would mean comparing the many files in the framework looking for local modifications. I was able to automate away most of this work by scripting a comparison to different versions of the framework to find the closest past version and the set of files that differed from it.

  • Languages :

    PHP, JavaScript

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