Meditation Deathmatch

Meditation Deathmatch is a game where we put EEG's on two players to read their brainwaves. We ask them to show us their war faces. Then we find out who can relax harder.

Around January of 2014 I ran into my old friend Matt Dorsey in a night club in Austin called Lanai and he introduced me to his friend Eric Carlin. Eric told me about his idea for Deathmatch and it perfectly fit the profile of the kind of project I was looking for. I immedetiately told him "that's amazing - we're taking it to Burning Man this year."

We did indeed take it to Burning Man that year after debuting the project at the Burning Flipside festival in May.

The most clever thing about the original Deathmatch software was that we were using a web-based architecture similar to Electron. This was novel at the time, and we built our own solution to accomplish it using Socket.IO modules for JavaScript and Python. Separating the backend code this way and using web for the front-end paid off later when it was relatively easy to switch EEG headsets as new devices became available and also when I built a mobile version using Cordova.

The original front-end UI was designed and coded by Bishop Zareh. I wrote the backend code and acted as project lead along with Shanta Stevens. The images you see here represent mainly the work of my team rather than myself.

  • Languages :

    Python, JavaScript

  • Components :

    Socket.IO, gevent, Interaxon Muse SDK

  • Tools :

    Arduino IDE, Vim