DreamFactory is a commercial Open Source tool for building REST APIs and also a company by the same name

I had initially encountered DreamFactory while working on a project that called for building a REST API and an interface that uses it. I didn't end up using the DreamFactory software for that project but I did contribute a bug fix to their software while looking into it.

Later I got an interview to work with them on some urgent problems they were facing, and the fact that I had already submitted a fix to their code helped me get that interview.

To prepare I woke up an hour before the interview and started setting up their software on my development machine. I wanted to be sure that I would be able to reference the software to understand their needs well while discussing the project.

I encountered a few hurdles getting their latest code to run, but was able to work it all out in time for the call.

During the interview it came out that getting their latest code to run was in fact the problem they were expecting to hire someone to solve.

I did send them a follow-up e-mail with instructions on what I had done, but having completed the slated work for the project during the interview, there was no longer any position to be hired for, making this my shortest succesful project of all time.

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