Academic Independence

The G.A.M.E. Plan is a web application that facilitates planning and scheduling study efforts to achieve academic success.

The software features a sophisticated custom calendar system integrated with class scheduling and tracking of homework, study sessions, tutoring, quizzes, and tests. It also includes multi-level administration, graphs, pdf remports, and e-mail reminders.

The site weighs in at 9400 lines of custom PHP code, 1400 lines of JavaScript, 400 lines of CSS, and 18,000 lines of HTML template code. I had the privilege of starting on this site at the first line of code, and taking it through to to production and beyond.

  • Languages :

    PHP, JavaScript

  • Components :

    CKEditor, PHPMailer, Bootstrap, Twig, D3, Vega, wkhtmltopdf

  • Tools :


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