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Virtualization-Based Backups

Kalliste Virtualization-Based Backups

Our backup service is our flagship product. We have assembled a unique combination of technologies that allows us to deliver an unprecedented level of service with rates that are accessible to small businesses.

Complete server coverage

Our virtualization-based backup solution allows us to capture the complete state of your server. While many other solutions only attempt to backup certain folders, we protect the complete system including the operating system, installed programs, services, and all settings.

This complete coverage strategy makes a world of difference when it comes time to restore your server. With other solutions that don't cover the complete system, a failed disk drive can mean having to reinstall the operating system and all the applications, and rediscovering over weeks or even months all of the uniquely appropriate settings that had been configured over the lifetime of the server.

With Kalliste's backup solution, we can get you back up and running the same day, with only a few hours of work lost.

Same-day on-site recovery

At Kalliste we believe in getting you back online today. You shouldn't have to wait for your data to be downloaded slowly over the internet or mailed in from across the country before you are able to do business again. That's why when things go wrong, we're going to show up to your location with your data in hand, and make sure you are able to access your data again that same day.

Daily monitoring

A big pile of backup media is no good to you if it doesn't have your data on it, so it's important that someone checks on it every day. Did the data fit on the media? Is the media still good? Is the software functioning properly? Is it configured to backup all the data you need? Are we getting a backup every day?

We know you've got enough to worry about already, so we're going to verify that your backups are working for you.

Redundant storage

Our servers are solid, but we're leaving nothing to chance. Between our RAID-5 storage arrays and offline copies, we're going to have a copy of your data no matter what.

AES encrypted connections and storage

Part of keeping your data safe is making sure that we're keeping it to ourselves. All of our servers employ full disk encryption and use secure encrypted connections for transfers.

Secure push backups

Each backup job that runs using our solution is initiated from your server and pushed to our backup servers. This way there is no need to open up any ports on your firewall to allow incoming connections for backups, and so there is no increase to your security footprint.

Free Linux server

Once we've deployed our virtualization based backups solution on your server, you'll be able to enjoy the other benefits of virtualiziation as well. Want to get more organized with an internal use Wiki? Thinking of trying out CRM software? A Linux server can be useful for these and many other applications. We can make it happen, and without the need to purchase an additional server.